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" I dream in real color"

So you have a ton of ideas & inspiration boards for your beautiful home or office. Now what? Is a professional Designer the right fit for you - what's the investment? No worries, Carla has the answers. Hiring a design professional used to be a luxury afforded to wealthy clientele with deep budgets. However, these services are now more affordable & quite the norm for first time buyers and luxury home owners alike. For residential interior decorating & commercial space design, call/text Carla today at 757.652.1414 to schedule your virtual or in-person consultation [here].

Even in a fast paced market, staging or re-arranging your home to sell pays off. Professionally Staged homes average 5-10% higher sales prices than their unstaged competition. Most sellers enjoy a great return for a minimal investment. Often times sellers find it difficult to really "view" their home as a buyer would. Carla will preview your home with an objective eye & will help stage your property to attract today's buyers. From re-arranging your existing decor to staging a vacant home to sell, we've got you covered. Schedule your private consultation [here] or call/text 757.652.1414.

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